2017/07 New Coming

Little Devil - Alina / 莫尋MoSin
Title: the Cruel Reaper
Race: Demon
Category: little devil
Pedigree: Human & Devil
Character: Cute, Yandere
Food: human Normal food, Mana in atmosphere, men's vigor
Like: Dressing
Scaring: Mama’s boy

Character Story :

      At early 20th century, a cute and smart little girl, Alina, who born in a European middle class family, lived with her parents. When the outbreak of war, a lot of refugees from the enemy occupied areas flooded into the city, several criminals invaded Alina’s home and killed her parents. They also gang-raped Alina. At the end of the longest night in the 14-years-old Alina’s life, she was killed by the criminals.

      But there was a secret in Alina’s family: they’re a family with devil’s blood. Even if the time diluted it, Alina’s resentment still aroused her blood.

      Alina revived when she was dying and changed to a little devil and started avenging. Even if she can get the nutrition from normal foods or Mana, she only took men’s vigor as her food, just liked a succubus. And she killed every men who sexed with her. She’s killing men for fun now.     

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