2017/07 New Coming

Vampire-Esme/ SARiNA颯颯
Title: Odd-eyed Warlord
Race: Undead
Category: Vampire
Pedigree: Human, changed by one of ancestor vampires
Character: Cunning, arrogant
Food: Blood, fruit, dessert
Like: nice spots for dating
Scaring: Bad breath with garlic flavor

Character Story :

Just like the other vampires, Esme’s age will be a secret forever. Someday, a youngster opened a coffin in his father’s cellar, Esme waked up from a over-100-years seal.

The young man wasn’t afraid of Esme and he was still healthy even he bitten by Esme after she sexed with him. He made a agreement with Esme that he will supply his blood everyday and Esme shouldn’t raid other humans.

Esme very loved the young man because he looks like her passed lover.

About 16th century, Esme was bitten by a ancestor vampire and changed to a vampire too. She was one of the strongest vampires in the era. Esme lead her subordinates to fight with the werewolf in 17th century and made a great record. But she fell in love with a men and she was caught by a vampire hunter because her lover.

After over-100-years seal, Esme mate the young man who has the same face with her passed lover, is it the fate or…?

*When Esme was a strong vampire, she always be naked and only have a claok, the photos will in the "Vampire Memoir" supplement in Collection Set!