2017/07 New Coming

Succubus-Isadora/ 佐歌奈Sakana
Title: Virginity Destroyer
Race: Demon
Category: Succubus
Pedigree: Human&Succubus, changed when she was 16.
Character: Sadomasochism, mighty, impatient
Food: men's vigor
Like: Virgins
Scaring: None


Character Story :

Isadora is Katherine’s order sister, she’s 4 years older than Katherine. She started changing when she was 10, it was very unusual in succubi.

Isadora raped a classmate on her way home when she was only 11 and dropped out of school. After that, she became a runaway and got a job in brothel. Some succubi work as prostitute. And she changed to succubus when she was 15.

Isadora loves virgins, she always sex with virgins, her friends call her “Virginity Destroyer”. And the virgins sex with her will become Masochism normally.

 She spoils Katherine. Isadora always share her own power to her little sister. Isadora thinks the men who didn’t sex with Katherine because they thought Katherine was not so sexy. So Isadora will avenge her sister on the men and sex with them whole night.

*As a special character, Isadora will only in the supplement "Sister's Avenging", only in Collection Set!