2017/07 New Coming

Succubus-Katherine/ 佐歌奈Sakana
Title: Succubus Maiden
Race: Demon
Category: Succubus
Pedigree: Human& Succubus, changed when she was 16.
Character: Pure, cowardly
Food: Men's vigor
Like: Cute animals
Scaring: Male genitals


Character Story :

      As a biracial of human and succubus, Kathetine is no different with other succubi.

       In general, the girls with succubus blood will become lewd when they’re 12~14, they’ll sex with a lot of men. Final they’ll fully change to succubi when they’re 16 years old. But Katherine had no sexual experience before she changed at all. She had no sexual desire before she changed. She couldn’t get along with men.

       Even if Katherine had changed to succubus for about 10 years, she’s still a virgin. She can’t look steadily at male genitals so she can’t get men’s vigor by sexuality. Her sister and her seniors always share their own power to her or she will die.