Double Tamamo PhotoBook Set

Cosplayer: Chihiro

Theme: Fate/Grand Order

Character: Tamamo no Mae (Caster & Assassin)
Costume: Classic,MLB,Sport suit,Nude Apron,China Dress

Scale: Caster>B5 48P Fullcolored , Assassin>B5 32P Fullcolored


>PhotoBook x2

>Photo Card Set (6 pics)

>Tamamo & Коянская CD-ROM(150 photos)



>PhotoBook x2

>Photo Card Set (6 pics)

>Tamamo & Коянская CD-ROM(150 photos)

>Sign Board Set (2 pics)

>1:1 Scale Pillow Case(160x40 cm)

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Chihiro Fate Double TAMAMO PhotoBook Set