Misa Chiang D.Va Only PhotoBook!!
There're 6 costumes for D.Va in this colorful Book!
COSTUMES:Classic,Overwatch Anniversary,Year of the Rooster,Officer,Magical Girl,China Dress
》"Nerf This!"PhotoBook-21.00

 B5 36P Fullcolored PhotoBook

》"Nerf This!" MEKA Set-39.00

 "Nerf This!"PhotoBook + A4 mini Poster x6 + HD Photos CD-ROM + D.Va Card Sticker  + D.Va Card Sticker

》"Nerf This!" D.Va Classic Sigining Board (Limited)-13.00

》"Nerf This!" D.Va Special A4 Poster Set-16.00
 A4 Poster x 6(Different Photos with the Set Bonus Posters )

*Pre-Order over 120.00 and Get a D.Va E-Sports Mouse Pad!
**The PhotoBook will be sold in the event "Animangaki 2017" in Malaysia, on 19,20 AUG,maybe with some different bonus!
***Pre-Order will ended up on 24th JUL and start to shipping on 15th AUG
****If you put the pre-order products with the others in a order,the shipping date will be according to the pre-order goods.

Misa D.Va "Nerf This!"PhotoBook