New photobook!

千貓跟茜合作的新寫真已經拍攝完畢,進入修照階段啦! 本次的主題是當紅手機遊戲Fate/Grand Order 由於我們都是抽不到尼祿跟斯卡哈的非洲人,只好怨念出本囉!! 寫真書已經上架開始預購,希望大家踴躍支持阿!!


The CN Studio new photobook with Akane has shot and the photos are retouching now.

This time,we choose the mobile phone game "Fate/Grand Order" as our theme,

and take Nero and Scathach as the characters because we didn't draw them in the game :( So we make the photobook for our regretting XDDDD Pre-Order has started,are you ready to get our new photos? :)

Go to the Taiwanese products page!!

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